I, hereby consent to the collection, use, processing, disclosure and/or transfer of personal data to Global Gateway Advisors Pte Ltd (Global Gateway Advisors), their affiliates, any third parties who provide services on their behalf both in and outside of Singapore and to my potential/current employer, for the purposes of my job application and evaluating my suitability for employment pass.

I understand and willingly consent to the disclosure of my personal and education data insofar as the information is released solely to those who are evaluating my suitability for an employment pass, including to the Ministry of Manpower Singapore who may require access to my report as part of my work pass application process.

I also understand and agree that, where educational background verification checks may be conducted in countries where I have previously studied and/or resided, my data may be sent to, and processed in, those relevant countries. All checks conducted will comply with the relevant local laws and regulations in each country.

I hereby voluntarily waive Global Gateway Advisors and my potential/current employer from any claims, damages or liabilities of any kind, that may directly or indirectly result from the use, disclosure, or release of such information by any person or party, regardless of whether the information provided is favourable or unfavourable to me. I agree to release from liability all persons or entities requesting or supplying such information.

I understand that in the event of my failure to provide Global Gateway Advisors with the supporting document requested, my offer may be withdrawn by my potential/current employer at any time. It is my responsibility to provide Global Gateway Advisors promptly with all documentation and information. If I am unable to provide the requested information or documentation, I must inform Global Gateway Advisors and offer alternative solutions so that a full background verification check can be performed.

This authorisation shall remain valid for 90 days from the date of signature.

I confirm that I am aware of my subject rights under GDPR, PDPA or any other applicable data privacy laws, which may include the right to withdraw my consent to background checks at any stage, the right to access my completed report and the right to request that my personal data be forgotten or erased.

I have read the above, understand its contents, and voluntarily agree to its terms.

私 は、Global Gateway Advisors Pte Ltd (以下、Global Gateway Advisors)、国内および海外の関連会社、Global Gateway Advisorsに代わってサービスを提供する第三者、および私の潜在的/現在の雇用主に対して、私の就労申請および就労ビザの適性を評価する目的で、個人情報を収集、使用、処理、開示、および/または転送することに同意します。



私は、提供された情報が私にとって有利であるか不利であるかに関わらず、いかなる人物または当事者による当該情報の使用、開示、公開から直接的または間接的に生じるいかなる種類の請求、損害、責任からも、Global Gateway Advisorsおよび私の潜在的/現在の雇用主を自発的に免責します。私は、そのような情報を要求または提供するすべての個人または団体を免責することに同意します。

私は、Global Gateway Advisors に要求された補足書類を提供しなかった場合、私の内定先/現在の雇用主は、いつでも私の内定を取り消すことができることを理解しています。私の責任において、要求から速やかにGlobal Gateway Advisorsに全ての書類と情報を提供します。要求された情報や書類を提供できない場合、私はGlobal Gateway Advisorsにその旨を伝え、完全な身元確認が行われるよう、代替策を提示しなければなりません。




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